The Only Advice for Troubled Marriage

by Juliette on July 15, 2009

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Hi, welcome to my page! I am Juliette Christian, and I’m 41 years old, and I’m going to tell you the story of how I saved my marriage.

You probably are in a troubled marriage, maybe you think your marriage is going to end, or maybe it has already ended. I think marriages are sacred and it is a shame so many couples are getting divorced every day. So, myself just having fixed my ending marriage, I want to help the couples out there as best as I can. Please bear with me, whether you are the husband or the wife, and listen to my story.

I have been married for six years and I thought it was normal over time for that “magic” to diminish, so when my husband said he didn’t want to go out for dinner, or he seemed more interested in the TV than me; I said to myself: “Well, that’s it. You’re gonna have to get used to it, that’s how all marriages are.” How wrong!!

But even though I thought that way, his lack of interest in me (and maybe mine in him) was growing and this was causing a lot of quarrels between us. Those quarrels, in turn, made everything worse. Only a couple of months later, we were in the midst of what is called a marriage crisis – we were quarreling all the time and we had barely any sex life at all. Yes – maybe my interest in him had waned a bit, but I still loved him and didn’t want this marriage to end!

He didn’t say anything explicitly but we were barely talking to each other anyway. There was no question our marriage was ending – so I prayed every night, and secretly cried every night. I was sleeping alone – he wasn’t even sleeping with me any more.

And then it happened – he said “we need to talk”. I knew what he was going to say already. The world went under from my feet, I remember crying for hours. But no, I wouldn’t resign! I looked for marriage counseling, but they are for couples who wanted to repair their troubled marriages, and my husband certainly didn’t want to do that.

So I went to Google and searched for guides of “saving your marriage”. Unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of guides designed for marriages. They were all tailored towards “pull your ex back” thing. They were for boyfriends/girlfriends, not for actual spouses. But they said they would work for marriages, too. So I got one of those books, but from the first page it was evident that this was not the book for married couples.

I searched some more, and I came to Amy Waterman’s “Save Your Marriage” site. Waterman is, as I researched later, a well known author for relationship books. This was a book especially for advice for troubled marriages. I was desperate and I decided to give this a try, too. Well, it turned out to be the best decision in my life.

When I first bought the book and was skimming through the pages, I was surprised, maybe even shocked, to see that Waterman was actually talking about MY marriage. I didn’t know marriages had so many things in common. It was like I had explained everything about my marriage to Waterman and she was now in turn answering with advice for troubled marriage.

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So, after trying things that didn’t work (you can find what did NOT work for fixing my marriage in the post below this) I finally started doing what Waterman was saying I should do… and the results were unbelievable. From the first week he started acting strangely in a positive way – it looked like he was now hesitating for the divorce. After a little time, we sat, talked for hours about our differences, and then decided to go on with our marriage… My marriage was saved! I can’t believe how overjoyed I was, and still am.

Not only we are still together, we’re now better than ever. We go out nearly every day, do crazy things we never thought about doing before, and have a fabulous sex life… It’s like we have fallen in love with each other once again.

So my friend, hear my words – this awesome book helped me repair my marriage once and for all. That’s my story. I hope you found my page useful… And best of luck to retaining your marriage. They are sacred – NEVER resign yourself and agree with the divorce!

Best luck to you!

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My Husband Wants a Divorce But I Don’t

by Juliette on April 3, 2011

My husband wants a divorce but I don’t” – If you are saying this, chances are that you’ve met someone who thinks there is no way you can save your marriage. They say, “once someone says that word (divorce), the marriage is already over.” But those people do not know what they are talking about! You can save your marriage with the use of correct tools.

my husband wants a divorceIt could be true that your husband wants to divorce you; and I understand (and know) how terrible a moment it is when your husband SAYS that he wants a divorce. And I also know that the devastation doesn’t go away. When it happened to me, I was so confused and was in a frenzy to do something to save my marriage. You are terrified because you know that this is not a simple relationship, it is a marriage; and your whole life is built upon it.

So then it’s very understandable what you feel (and I had felt) about “doing something at once to prevent a divorce”. But this doesn’t make it a good state of mind. In a desperate state of mind, you can come up with nothing but utterly destructive things like begging and crying in front of your husband. Your subconscious thinks that he will be under more pressure about his decision if he knows how much it will devastate you and this will somehow repair your marriage.

And it does put him under great pressure, but that works the opposite way. He will want to get out of it as soon as possible. Moreover, there is an even more psychological condition that makes “begging” a very poor choice when you want to save your marriage when “my husband wants a divorce.”

It is the law that governs most human behavior – you want things you can’t easily get.

(When my own marriage was in ruins I saved it by using a great guide called Save My Marriage Today. Such guides, if written by professionals, can be incredibly helpful because they show you things you are unable to see yourself – since you are in the middle of everything. Click to read my Save My Marriage Today review and then visit the site; or click to visit the site directly.)

So what does this have to do with “my husband wants a divorce”? Lots. If you beg your husband, in his eyes you will be very easy to have. Subconsciously this will make you a very poor choice of a wife, and he will be instantly turned off. So you should never ever act the “weak wife” to your husband.

But there’s something else this points at… and it is that you can “use” this law to your advantage. If you are easily accessible to your husband, he will want you less. But if you are less accessible, he will want you more!

So starting from today act more independent. Leave with your friends and don’t come back until late. Things like that.

Know that being worried about “my husband wants a divorce” necessitates that you act the opposite way, and your marriage will be saved.


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