My Wife Doesn’t Want Me Anymore

by Juliette on March 28, 2011

All you can think nowadays is “my wife doesn’t want me anymore”, and you also think that your marriage is over and nothing you do can save it. You think, “A marriage needs two people to survive… one won’t do. My wife doesn’t love me anymore and so there’s nothing I could do about it.” Well, that might be right – but who says you can’t affect how much your wife loves you? On the contrary, you can. There are lots of things to do to make your wife love you again!

Isn’t it true that your wife once was in love with you? And she married you? She married you only because she loved you. But then time passed, and things happened that caused a shift in her feelings. The change was big – so big that you thing “my wife doesn’t want me anymore”. It can definitely be the case that your wife doesn’t love you anymore, but what you should understand is that she “loved” you, and then something happened to change that.

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my wife doesn't want me anymore

You can make her love you again.

My Wife Doesn’t Want Me Anymore – You Can Reverse It!

I want to stress this point. If something that happened between you changed her feelings, you can make another, “antidotal” thing happen that will change things again and make your wife love you. So, what could that thing be? A lot of things. It could be that she is feeling neglected. Equally possible is that you are doing things that irritate her. It could even be that she feels suffocated because you are being too tight on her.

The most usual case when a husband thinks “my wife doesn’t want me anymore”, though; is that the woman feels a lack of connection to her husband because he changed a lot since the first time they married. Sure everyone changes a lot, but my experience from counseling so many women tells me that it’s usually the husband who changes very rapidly after marriage. But surely this is not the only possible case.

Which brings me to my last point. If you want to learn how to fix your marriage, you simply need to be open about everything and have a productive conversation with your wife. This is one of the major points the Save My Marriage Today program is about (click to visit the program’s site directly). Men are not good at talking about their feelings, but it’s something you need to do if you want to save your marriage when you think “my wife doesn’t want me anymore”.

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darren May 6, 2011 at 11:03 pm

I love my wife more than anything.We’ve been married nearly 4 months until this morning.I was angry because I was so tired and blamed it on her and that is kind of true to a certain extent.I have a well known problem to say things I don’t mean when I am angry.I told her I wanted a divorce and left my ring on the table and went to work.We kissed and hugged good-bye when she dropped me off at work and when I came home to say I was sorry at lunch I found her and the rent money gone.She left ny and went back to IL with her dad and mother-in-law.
She finally texted me saying she just had to go and wants a divorse/anulment I don’t know.

I told her I was sorry and was planning on coming home to tell her I was sorry and I wanted to try harder not to say such cruel things when I get angry but it was too late.Now my whole body feels drained and so weak.The truth is.I don’t want a divorce.I love my wife and my blowing off steam made her leave.She told me our marriage is through and she will not be coming back home and to just get over it.I am so lost right now,hurt,shocked and confused.She left me when I needed her the most and it’s my fault she’s gone.To anyone who reads this my name is Darren F Blanchard,40 from Watertown NY. My wife is Jessica M. Kleckner Blanchard,20 and now is with her family in Chenoa,IL.I love my wife.I thought I explained to her many times that I dont mean what I say when I am upset.It’s just how I vent my anger.I have issues with relationships because of that and I lost the best friend I ever knew.I found this site looking for hope that won’t be there for me.I’m afraid of a certain fact of what maybe one real outcome from this loss.I have so much loss in my life and I wish I could do something to fix us because us was so beautiful.Even if I was miserable with her it was still amazing to me.I love my wife.I don’t know what to do…

shaolin July 14, 2011 at 7:14 pm

how do you fix it when your wife will not tell you what the problem is? when i ask her she goes back in the past things that happened years ago as the reason. still in the dark, no she will not talk with me at all

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