My Husband Hates Me – Read This Now

My husband hates me” is something a lot of women feel. Before making any further comments and suggestions,  I must first say that your husband doesn’t hate you. Do not mistake things said in a fight with things your husband really feels. Most women say “I think my husband hates me” after a heated fight in which each side called the other a lot of names. This is true for both husbands and wives, and happens in so many marriages. I was in the same condition – to read more about how I got out of it, I recommend everyone to read my Save My Marriage Today review.

My Husband Hates Me… What Does This Mean?


However, if your fights are bad (and such name calling indeed indicates that kind of “bad” fights), you have to take some measures in order to improve your marriage. I understand that when you think your husband hates you, you tend to blame him for the change in his feelings. You think, “My husband hates me, but I still love him. My feelings haven’t changed, but his did. He is the one to blame.” But that is wrong – how much our spouse loves us is not only dependent upon them, but upon us and our behavior as well. So, start thinking now.

I Think My Husband Hates Me – Then You Should Act Now

my husband hates me

Both sides have some part in causing conflicts.

Have you been nagging your husband on small things around the house? Maybe you have some sort of resentment towards him because he, being a husband, isn’t as involved in household work and looking after the children as you are. This happens so often – and over time it can build a real resentment (that you are not even conscious of) since housework and looking after the children are, indeed, hard things.

Whether you are aware of this situation or not, if your husband says he hates you it is time you take action to fix your marriage. Start treating your husband better than you did before. Don’t overdo it, but you can be a better wife to your husband without doing “grand” things. After all, it’s always the smallest things that make all the difference.

When you are being sincerely good to him, helping him at small things, cherishing him subtly, he is going to respond very quickly to that. Make an effort to treat your husband better. Don’t focus on his mistakes. Instead, focus and talk about his strong points, and subtly help with his weak points.

This will definitely help greatly when you are in this situation. However, like I said, do not overdo it. Do not force your husband to think you are being nice to him just because he said he hates you. Also, never beg or cry to your husband – this will accomplish nothing but putting him under greater pressure – because he will think that you depend on him and this will hamper his freedom, and he will feel suffocated.

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These things all mean that you have to compromise to save your marriage when you think your husband hates you. But then, there can exist no healthy and solid marriage without compromises. Two people living under one roof will have a lot of inevitable conflicts, and sometimes someone has to make a compromise to save the marriage from divorce. After all, you are the one who needs to make a compromise when you say “my husband hates me, what do I do?”


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Keisha June 30, 2011 at 3:58 pm

I am sorry but I do not agree with this article or blog because there are times when you are dealing with a spouse who has an addiction and sometimes it does not matter what you say or do, they will not see themselves. They hate themselves and sometimes they will intentionally try and hurt you. Now they may not really hate you but they will make you feel that way

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