My Wife Hates Me – What Do I Do Now?

My wife hates me” is a very strong statement for a man to make. Usually a husband thinks that right after a big fight – a fight in which neither side bothered to restrain themselves. So, you think your wife hates you, and want to repair the relationship. What do you do? Read on!

Actually, it is hard for a woman to really hate the man she married. Sure, she might have implied that or even said that outright – but in the heat of the fight, these kind of things are easy to say even when you don’t mean them. So, if you think “my wife said she hates me – so what do I do now that I know my wife hates me?” you should not worry that your wife hates you.

You should worry about the intensity of the fights instead – they are so big that your wife screams “I hate you!” at your face. Such big fights can be really damaging to your marriage – mostly because they eventually make the couple stop communicating with each other for avoiding fights. And when there is no communication, sooner or later you will be saying “my wife left me” instead.

My Wife Hates Me – Communicate Sincerely!


my wife hates me

Your wife can feel true resentment if you have been neglecting her.

There are a couple of things you have to do to fix your marriage. As it’s always said, the most important thing in a marriage is communication, and make sure the “lines” are always open – you don’t want the fights to get in the way of communication. To do this, you have to sit down and talk to your wife, but before that, you should set some “ground rules” so that the conversation can take place without turning into a big fight.

I know that men don’t generally like to talk about their feelings openly, but you have to do this. To be able to repair your marriage, you need to know what is going through your wife’s feelings, and to make her pour out her heart to you, you have to do the same for her. Simply talk your mind. Here you are, searching on the Internet for the phrase “my wife hates me”. Make your wife know this – your true feelings. You are worried your wife doesn’t love you any more. You want to know how to get your wife to love you again. All these – you need to tell your wife with the utmost sincerity.

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While you shouldn’t believe that your wife hates you, it is most probably true that she feels quite disconnected from you. And that doesn’t happen in a marriage unless she feels a certain kind of resentment towards you. The most likely cause for this resentment in marriages is feeling emotional neglection. If your wife feels that you have been neglecting her emotionally, or even physically (like not helping around the house, not helping with the kids, etc.) it can cause a very deep resentment towards you for your disregard of her needs. If you had fights in which she was trying to tell you you have been taking her for granted, this cements the certainty of this situaiton. Do not forget that your actions are the ultimate things which determine how much your wife loves you.

My Wife Hates Me – Do Not Take Her For Granted

Taking someone for granted can bring the end of a marriage very quickly – you must act quickly if you are guilty about this. Think of what your whole life would become if your wife left you. I am sure you don’t like the thought – that is why you are looking advice for in the first place! So, like I said before, just make this known to her.

Speaking very openly about your deepest feelings will not only make your wife do the same, it will also bring you a peace of mind and a clarity of thought you certainly need. You need to take action quickly if you are thinking “my wife hates me”.

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oliver wolfington June 23, 2011 at 4:28 am

what do I do when my wife has told me numerous times she wants a divorce and hates me even when she isnt mad and tels me to listen and that she truely hates me?

Japheth Amayo July 3, 2011 at 6:01 pm

It surely is very true that marriage is hard work.

jon July 10, 2011 at 9:29 pm

my wife and i are 47 married 22 years and have 3 kids. 21 18 and 15. i spend time alot of time with her but she hates me touching her, she has always been this way, she does not like sex, and she has a new girl friend that consumes her thoughts. She is happy if this lady stays in contact with her but is miserable when she does not, at a complete loss with this situation and not sure which way to turn. the lack of intimacy is causing me to look at other woman and seek their affection. this is not good. i have never cheated on her to this day.

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